How to spend less on a date

1. Cook dinner at home

Visit your local market and buy all the ingredients needed to prepare her favorite look. Watch her cook and help when the need arises while showering praises on her. Spend quality time with her preparing your favorite local dishes.

2. Light a fire

Light a fire in your backyard and make khebab and cocktails while singing along to popular tunes.

3. Hang out at the beach

The beach is one of the most romantic places to make memories.  Book guest houses at the beach and spends the night.

4. Go the museum, zoo, galleries

Culture binds us together. Embrace your roots, visit any nearby museum with your girlfriend. Art is life and life are beautiful. Go to art galleries and appreciate the creativity of others.

5. Watch movies at home

Turn your home into a comfortable theater and watch movies with your spouse all night long. Let your rest on your chest and cuddle her to spice up your relationship.

6. Game night

Invite some friends over and play funny indoor games such as video games, sharades, cross puzzle, squabble.


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